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AI is taking human creativity to the next level. Anyone can become a Web3 creator without any art skills. For example, you can use Starry.ai to create NFT art and mint it on NFT marketplaces. Tools like Sketchar lets you create and monetize AR drawing on its native NFT marketplace.

In Web2, AI tools democratize creativity in unprecedented ways. Creators now use AI tools to automate content writing, video production, music creation, and so on. A new type of collaboration is emerging in which humans collaborate with machines to create online media. Content creation becomes cheaper and more scalable, thanks to generative tech.

Today’s report will be discussing the AI/no-code tools that empower creators to create and monetize in the Web2 and Web3 space. We will also cover niche markets and new opportunities where builders can create new solutions in this space.

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Section 1: Key Market Trends

(1) AI-powered NFT art collection:

(4) Speed up video creation with AI: