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Let’s talk about products that help you sweat, burn calories and become stronger. Nah, this is not a guide for losing weight. We’re going to talk about fitness tech, i.e. physical or digital products that make working out from anywhere possible.

Startups are building for the future of exercise by (1) reinventing workout equipment, (2) bridging IRL and URL fitness, (3) creating immersive experiences, (4) niching down to serve new market segments, and (5) financialize exercising.

We’ll break down the top fitness market trends: what product categories are on the rise, how they differentiate, how they monetize, and what are the next big opportunities. Healthier, faster, stronger, let’s go:

1. Top 11 Fitness Market Trends

(1) Retail gyms are adopting a hybrid fitness model:

(2) Peloton for “X” make all kinds of exercises possible at home:

(3) Fitness is becoming holistic: