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3 market trends + 3 startup opportunities:

Trend #1: Verticalization of social networks

β€œNiche” social products are created to connect users with specific interests, audiences, or use cases.

For example: Reddit is a social network for online forums; TikTok is like Instagram but focusing on short-form video content; Shuffle is like TikTok but for podcasts with audio clips sharing and social interaction.

New social networking platforms will focus on community-first, invite-only, curated discovery, shared activities, and unique social experiences. Vibely enables creators/influencers to build communities with their fans and monetize their tribe.

πŸš€ Takeaway

Help others to hang out with their peers.


Trend #2: Curation is becoming the new business model

In the pre-Internet era, information and content were scarce. Today, people are overloaded by new information that pops up every other second on their devices. It becomes harder to choose, prioritize, and filter which content to consume.

Deciding what to read, listen, watch, and learn is becoming an outsourceable task.

People are now paying money to access good quality curation and resources from curators. For example,

Flow State charges $8/month to get access to curated Spotify playlists. TheBrowser charges $5/month to access outstanding stories from the Internet.

πŸš€ Takeaway