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Embedded finance is everywhere

You have probably used embedded finance in your daily life as a consumer — paying for an Uber ride with your connected bank account, making an online purchase with Apple Pay, checkout using an e-wallet, or sending money to your friends using Venmo.

Today, more and more non-bank companies are providing banking services such as payment (WeChat Pay), insurance (Airbnb Host Protection Insurance), lending (Amazon Lending), and wealth management (Chime). As a business, you can easily integrate embedded finance solutions, e.g. offer customers checkout using Stripe, “pay later” options using Affirm, or build your own digital wallets using Solarisbank — as an in-app, in-browser, and native banking feature.

Angela Strange, General Partner at a16z captures this trend perfectly — every company will be a fintech company and encourage companies to adopt embedded finance as a monetization lever. There are more exciting opportunities to deploy, and how you can expand revenue streams as a business. Let’s dive deeper.

Key players in the ecosystem

What problems do they solve?