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Unlocking access to mental healthcare

As a consumer, getting the help you need to overcome stress, anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder is easier than ever before. You can find online therapists using BetterHelp, get depression medicines delivered through Ro Mind, video chat with psychiatrists using Talkiatry, or find peer support via Togetherall.

New startups are tackling mental health issues through (1) unbundling of healthcare, (2) unlocking accessibility and affordability, (3) building an integrated mental healthcare ecosystem, and (4) enterprisation of consumer services.

We’ll examine consumer-facing mental health platforms — and reveal exciting opportunities to monetize and win in this space.

🧠 8 mental health market trends

(1) VC funding in the mental health space is exploding:

(2) Mental health startups are scoring mega-rounds (above $100M) in 2021:

(3) Alternative treatment for depression and anxiety: