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Metaverse is shaping our concept of “self” on the Internet. This version of “self” is the new type of consumer. They wear NFT profile pictures, shop virtual clothes on RTFKT, socialize in Horizon Worlds, buy 3D real estate on The Sandbox, and game accessories on Axie Infinity.

Therefore, new kinds of creator economies are being created. Metaverse startups exist to bring together brands, creators, and fans to play, work and collaborate on a whole new level.

As the metaverse market approaches $678.8 billion by 2030, we’ll break down the top METAVERSE trends: what emerging trends are on the rise, how they differentiate, monetize, and what are the next big opportunities.

1. Top Metaverse & Web3 Trends

(1) Rise of AR/VR e-commerce tools:

(2) Cyber clothing & digital fashion:

(3) Anyone can build in the metaverse: