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Consumer wealthtech is on the rise

If your money sits in the bank, your bank makes money, not you. This is why WealthTech exists. It helps you save, invest, trade, manage and grow your wealth at your fingertips. Wealthtech may also provide tools for real-time stock prices, portfolio management, charting, market news, reporting, simulator, etc.

For example, people can buy/sell stocks, options, and IPO shares online using Robinhood. Public.com lets you invest in stocks and see other people’s portfolios. You can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum via Coinbase or Binance. You can also use Wealthfront to automate savings and investment.

Today, we’ll examine companies that provide for personal wealth building. If you want to build something in consumer FinTech, keep reading because we’ll unlock exciting opportunities!

1. Key trends

(1) Wealthtech is growing rapidly:

(2) Wealthtech that went public evidence that consumer-facing solutions are creating clear winners :