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The pet industry is a massive sector for business opportunities. Pet owners spent over $100 billion in 2021. Caring for pets is increasingly being humanized. “Furry consumers” now take supplements, wear smart devices, track sleep, and travel.

New waves of startups are capitalizing on this market need by developing new product strategies. We’re seeing the Uber for dog walking like Wag!; Warby Parker for dogs; Fitbit but for dogs like Fi dog collar; and HelloFresh for pets like Ollie.

In this analysis, we’ll focus on top startups that are disrupting the pet tech market–how they are differentiated, what unique problems they solve, how they create multiple revenue streams and untapped opportunities.

Top 11 Pet Tech Market Trends:

(1) Connected devices and wearables for pets are becoming popular:

(2) Pet foods are reaching human standards:

(3) Millennials love fur kids: