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Femtech has a massive total addressable market across multiple billion-dollar industries such as (1) D2C and e-commerce, (2) digital health, (3) at-home test kits, and (4) employee health.

The rise of femtech has elevated equal access to healthcare and well-being for all. Women’s unique health issues are being addressed by companies like Allara Health which treats polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS); Feminade for hormonal health, Maven Clinic for pregnancy care, and Carrot Fertility for fertility care.

Today, we’ll analyze top startups in femtech — how they are differentiated, how they tap into validated market needs & how builders & funders can capitalize on these market trends.

Top 9 Femtech Market Trends

(1) VC funding in femtech is growing:

(2) Rise of femtech unicorns and top funding round:

(3) DTC femtech brands are becoming the target for acquisition: