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Software is feeding your stomach. The future of food is transforming the way we eat, nourish, and shop for food products.

Today, food technology is more than just ordering food from DoorDash, getting your recipe-in-a-box from HelloFresh, hiring a personal shopper from Instacart, or finding your favorite restaurants from Yelp.

New startups are entering the lucrative food industry through unique differentiation, solving valid problems, and becoming a huge success.

We’ll examine top startups that are reinventing the food industry and unlocking exciting opportunities for builders and backers to capitalize on the food space.

Top 10 Food Tech Market Trends:

(1) Consumers are demanding more than just convenience from food services:

(2) Plant-based and vegan food categories are booming:

(3) D2C food companies are innovating in the snack market: