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In a [$9 trillion](https://www.mckinsey.com/industries/travel-logistics-and-infrastructure/our-insights/reimagining-the-9-trillion-tourism-economy-what-will-it-take#:~:text=Tourism made up 10 percent,three times larger than agriculture.) tourism industry, technology is changing the way we experience the world, people, and culture.

We now use travel search engines like Booking.com and Skyscanner to find the next trips, hotels and flight tickets. Hipcamp and Culture Trip are providing alternative travel options. Making money as a travel host is possible with platforms like Airbnb Experience.

To win the market, startups are (1) reinventing travel categories, (2) increasing revenues through product innovation, (3) lowering travel costs through blockchain & Web3 technologies, and (4) unlocking creator monetization

We’ll break down the top travel market trends: what product categories are on the rise, how they differentiate, monetize, and what are the next big opportunities.

1. Key trends

(1) Unbundling Airbnb’s Online Experiences:

(2) Consumers’ demand for sustainable travel:

(3) Remote work has redefined the travel categories: