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In this analysis, we will unlock 3 market opportunities:

Universities, unbundled

First, let’s unpack the jobs-to-be-done (JTBD) of attending universities. People don’t want a university degree. They “hire” universities to achieve an outcome or desire, i.e. to get recognitions, scholarships, financial aids, meet new (cool) friends, become smarter, secure high-paying jobs, increase earning potentials, and raise social status.

Universities aren’t getting more accessible as they evolve. They become more expensive, require a four-year commitment, are slow to adopt digitization, and incur student debts upon completion. These pain points have led to the “unbundling” of higher educations where companies reinvent the university offerings: degree, knowledge, learning experience, student’s life, and job placement.

Turning students’ JTBD into profitable companies

In fact, most online courses, training programs, and e-learning platforms are unbundled from the university’s products. They verticalize certain functions within the campus such as: