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One way to look at the creator economy is to look at artists, musicians, and DJs. In the past, artists only make money from selling albums, earning royalties from streaming, and live performances. Web3, cryptos, and NFTs entered the music scene and rewrote the narrative of economic opportunities for music lovers.

Whether you’re a listener, a recording artist, or a music creator like my(previous)self who released songs on record labels & performed live, we all share the benefits of the future of Web3 music.

Just ask your favorite artists. Snoop Dogg released the latest album on blockchain and made $44M in 5 days. DJ 3LAU made $11.6M of NFTs by tokenizing his debut album. Steve Aoki reported he made more money in one NFT drop than from his 10 years of music advances.

Today, fans collect audio NFTs to showcase their fandom, earn passive income through song investment, and get paid in cryptos for listening to music. Artists can tokenize their songs into NFTs, create multiple income streams through social tokens and receive funding through DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations).

In this piece, we will examine top startups that are redefining the future of music, consumer audio & social apps. We will also cover untapped market opportunities, and how to build the next big things in music 3.0!

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Section 1: Key Market Trends

(1) Audio files are being tokenized:

(2) NFT record labels put artists on the blockchain: